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We’ve all heard it half a zillion times. Sometimes to the point where we don’t actually hear it anymore. But it’s the most imperative part of starting, growing, and scaling a business. 

Our brains are wired to survive and thrive. Trying something new is scary and our brains sense the fear. When our brains sense fear they go into survival mode so we tend to procrastinate or even worse just not do it. 

To thrive is a choice and an attitude. We have to feel the fear, acknowledge and affirm our natural sense to stay safe, and then we have to do it. Sometimes it’s something new, sometimes it’s starting over, sometimes it’s doing something a little different. Feel it and then just do it. 

At first, we might straight out suck. And that’s ok, we need to start, we can never get better if we don’t suck at first. Each time we do it we progress a little more. 

Surviving to Thriving

Training our brains to grow and thrive doesn’t have to be complicated. Just like most things, it takes practice. Here are a few ways we can practice moving from surviving to thriving:

  1. Take time in the morning to align mind, body, and soul, and set intentions for the day
  2. Consistently let go of expectations
  3. Unplug your devices and relish in the stillness
  4. Detox from TV
  5. Practice radical gratitude
  6. Write in a journal for 5 minutes a day
  7. Transform your to-do list

Ready to Start

But not sure where? Maybe you know where to start but you need some accountability. Let’s chat! I offer a free strategy call and I love these calls – no pressure just actionable steps. Just start! Book your call now! -> Shespeaksbravemedia.com/local-call